Born to Mom, Clare Dalton, and Dad, Robert Reich, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Get really into Weird Al Yankovic.

Make comedy shorts with brother, Adam, on VHS. First series: "Fat Friends."

Learn one great card trick at magic camp.

Diagnosed with clinical depression. 

Drop out of high school. Enroll in program for troubled kids in England. 

Lie about age. Direct "Waiting for Godot" at the Burton Taylor Theater. 

Return to Boston. Meet Josh and Elaine at summer camp.

Direct Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Cast find out about age, angry, write article in Improper Bostonian about me with headline "BUSTED." 

Sell guitars and do telemarketing. Move in with Elaine. 

Follow Elaine to New York. 

Play Leonardo Da Vinci in a children's theater tour. Do background work on "Law and Order."

Break up with Elaine. Bum around New York doing comedy with Josh. 

Play a village idiot at the New York Renaissance Faire. 

Take acting classes at the Atlantic Theater Company, New Actors Workshop, and HB Studio.

Get back together with Elaine. Direct Josh, Elaine, and Matt in plays at the Theatre Studio, Inc.

Found Dutch West, an internet-based sketch comedy group, with Josh, Elaine, Vince, Matt. Make videos for CollegeHumor, SuperDeluxe, and Comedy Central.

Note neighbor comedy group, Olde English, featuring Adam Conover. 

Do improv in the basement of a bar. Take classes at UCB. 

Get hired by CollegeHumor as Director of Original Content. 

Develop first web series: "Street Fighter the Later Years" / "The Michael Showalter Showalter."

Develop more web series: "Prank War" / "Jake and Amir" / "Hardly Working." Break record for most-watched internet content, beating out SuperDeluxe, Dot Comedy, and This Just In. 

Win Aspen Rooftop Comedy and ENCY Awards.

EP, direct, star in "The CollegeHumor Show" on MTV. Show is quickly cancelled. 

Promoted to President of Original Content. 

Co-create Elaine's web series "Very Mary-Kate." Series is big hit, profiled in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

Win a bunch of Webby Awards.

Elope with Elaine in Vegas. 

Named a Forbes "30 Under 30" in the Media category. 

Develop more web series: "Troopers" / "Badman" (with Pete Holmes) / "The Adventures of Kim Jong Un." Also co-create "Precious Plum," starring Josh and Elaine. 

Hire Adam Conover as a writer-performer. 

Win a bunch of Telly Awards. Named an MCN "40 Under 40."

Move to LA to form Big Breakfast, CollegeHumor's offshoot production company. 

Create "The Britishes," a sketch series for DirecTV, starring Will Sasso and Peter Serafinowicz as well as Elaine and Josh. 

Score pilots for "Middle of the Night Show" on MTV and "Adam Ruins Everything" (with Adam Conover) on TruTV. 

Make a music video with Weird Al Yankovic. 

"MOTNS" and "ARE" both picked up for series.

EP more series: "The Comedy Music Hall of Fame" special for IFC / "Fatal Decision" digital series for go90 / "Bad Internet" digital series for YouTube Red. 

Make a music video with First Lady Michele Obama. 

Take more classes at UCB. 

"MOTNS" cancelled. "ARE" becomes #2 show on truTV. 

Also EP "Adam Ruins Everything Election Special" on TruTV, "Time Traveling Bong" miniseries on Comedy Central, "Rhett and Link's Buddy System" on YouTube Red, and "I Want My Phone Back" on Comcast Watchable.





















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